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I occasionally write blog posts where I talk about software, hardware, or even plants that I'm working on.

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Securing MQTT Traffic using cert-manager

I use MQTT in my home lab to connect different Home Lab services like ESPHome, Home Assistant, Node Red, etc. It’s great because it’s a light-weight way to decouple these services, but by default there’s no security. I can’t prevent a sensor from manipulating another sensor’s data, I can’t prevent somebody who has network access from monitoring messages. In this post, I’m going to walk through enabling TLS with usernames and passwords or mTLS (Mutual TLS) using cert-manager.

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Auto switch between light and dark mode on GNOME

I recently got a Framework laptop and installed Ubuntu on it to give Linux for laptops a chance after using Windows and Mac for work for years. One thing I wanted was to be able to switch between light mode and dark mode automatically depending on the time of day. GNOME had a blue-light filter mode that could automatically turn on, but it didn’t appear to have a way to switch between light mode and dark mode at the same time.

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Publishing to Firefly-iii using Pandas

Previously, in my Self-hosted finances series, I cleaned and identified transfers in my Mint transactions for the purposes of of importing into Firefly-iii. In this post, I’m going to import the transactions into Firefly-iii.

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