Adam Jacques

Software Engineer + Product Development

Work Experience

Software Engineer II, Inc.
Softlines Selection Systems
  • Worked with end-users to identify key requirements and helped prioritize to ensure the product solves business problems
Software Development Engineer, Inc.
Softlines Selection Systems
  • Developed and coordinated the release of an improvement to a widely-used internal framework to improve software maintainability and testability while minimizing impact to business critical systems by migrating from Spring to Guice
  • Lead the architecture design and implementation of a rich-client website and service by documenting technical requirements.
Software Development Engineer Intern, Inc.
Forecasting Platform Orchestration
  • Developed custom algorithms to manipulate and optimize large-scale applications in a domain-specific language
  • Managed software platforms and frameworks used by Amazon to predict product demand for all physical assets across the world
Lab Manager
Northern Michigan University
Intel Lab
  • Developed hardware validation software for Android platforms to ensure expected functionality in the wireless subsystems (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LTE, etc)
  • Coordinated projects and development while working a semi-autonomous lab environment
Software Development Engineer Intern, Inc.
Inventory Planning and Control
  • Designed and developed a new web service API used to interact with an existing data processing system
  • Helped setup and maintain a globally distributed and scalable data processing application by managing infrastructure capacity and minimizing outages
  • Improved the performance and scalability of an application by reducing bottlenecks and increasing maximum system utilization
Validation Engineer Intern
Intel Corporation
Wireless Platforms R&D
  • Developed automated test plans used to validate correct operation and find bugs for new wireless hardware devices
  • Developed several new applications and systems used by various teams to test the efficiency and performance of upcoming and release wireless platforms
  • Developed an in-depth test framework for the Android platform used to verify low-level functionality of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular radio systems in upcoming mobile products
  • Developed a tool used by manufacturing technicians to quickly validate wireless cards from the factory assembly line
Software Development Engineer Intern, Inc.
Vendor Ordering Systems
  • Improved and maintained a multi-tiered service written in Java and C# used by the purchasing-teams at Amazon to coordinate and optimize purchasing workflows
  • Designed and fully implemented a custom network communication protocol using WCF greatly increasing network efficiency and improving client-side user interface responsiveness
Lab Manager
Northern Michigan University
Intel Lab
  • Designed and developed an autonomous robot to be used as wireless device testing platform
  • Setup and maintained a small Ethernet network used for test device control using appropriate DHCP, Active Directory, etc. servers
  • Assisted and trained co-workers with new software and technologies used for their position
  • Managed the direction of a software development lab and all employees working in the lab
Network Technician
Northern Michigan University
IT Technical Services
  • Installed communication infrastructure serving computers, phones, printers, and other network devices
  • Installed and repaired devices such as switches and access points
  • Troubleshot and repaired computers in a network environment
  • Provided technical support for network-related problems from students, faculty and staff located on the University campus
  • Developed and maintained software used for testing the University's WiMAX network and mapping possible signal strength and performance problem spots
Inventory Manager/Software Developer
The Dutch Shop LLC
  • Developed and maintained several web projects that integrated third-party systems with a web-commerce web site in a small-business environment
  • Assisted in the general day-to-day operations in the business by managing inventory levels, communicating with customers, and updating the online product catalog



  • C#/.net Framework
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C/C++
  • Ruby on Rails
  • SQL
  • Scala


  • IntelliJ
  • Puppet
  • Wireshark
  • Apache Spark
  • Docker
  • Elasticsearch


  • Object Oriented Design
  • Test Driven Development
  • Information Security


Northern Michigan University